Monday, May 21, 2012

For Your Consideration: Melancholy

    Funny how Brain/Body switch gears so easily and fluidly. Currently in full-bore manic mode, getting tons of shit done, going through days at breakneck speed, unable to find the point of fatigue even when I am staggeringly exhausted. It is glorious, and demanding. And Brain barely functions. It darts from subject to subject, unable to stay on task, unable to focus. Like a rabid turbo-hamster on a well greased wheel, tiny legs a blur, moving at lightening speed, but really going nowhere fast. It is so unlike the darker days, when Body is slow to start, and has to be whipped into action. And Brain will whip Body into action, knowing the consequences of lethargy, even during a bout of Melancholy.
    *Melancholy: /melen-kalee/   Noun A deep, pensive, and long lasting sadness. Adjective Sad, gloomy or depressed*  I have decided that "melancholy" sounds much more romantic than "depressed" and so have decided to just go with the flow. Besides, doesn't Manic/Melancholia sound way more fluid and poetic than Manic/Depressive?  Seriously.
    So, as you see, as Mania blasts through Body, poor Brain is unable to keep on track. Therefore, the meandering into the definition of Melancholy, and my new favorite euphemism. If this were the 1800s my doctor would merely prescribe Opium for my Melancholia, and I would likely have an attack of Vapors from a too tight corset restricting my breathing as I dashed about during full blown Mania. Then, I'm sure Laudanum would be the preferred cure, "Careful my dear, I hear it is full of Hops." Hops? Yeah, that's what I would be concerned about.
    Okey-dokey, leaping off track, once again. Interesting how hard Brain struggles against the energy overload. I can empathize with the 6 year old kid amped up on high-fructose corn syrup and too much pent up energy. Oh my god I am going to explode! Yes, it's like that. Poor, poor Brain. Just hanging on with both hands, or would that be hanging on with medulla oblongata? Gripping tight with all the gray matter Brain can muster, as Body careens madly through the day, reckless and wild. Brain, just wishing for a dose of Melancholy so he can regain control, wrest the higher functions out of the gleeful clutches of Manic Body. But, as we all know, Self, Body and Brain, there is no way to stop Mania, it must just be ridden into the ground. Self and Body, try to shush Brain, as we enjoy the Mania far more than the Melancholy. And damn, my kitchen is clean.

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