Friday, June 29, 2012

Power Supply

    Once again I woke well before my alarm was set to go off, with a feeling of eager anticipation. My brain was firing on all cylinders, churning up possibilities, pondering potential opportunities, looking ahead with the thrill of the unknown and unknowable. There are so many exciting avenues opening up before me, just awaiting the ultimate moment for me to strike. I see the world laid out before me, presenting itself, eager for my exploration, a willing participant. I know I could be expending mass amounts of energy fretting over the mundane aspects of life that do seem to be pressing in on me, but those issues will always be there in one form or another, so I choose to give them no more regard than relentless winter rains. There are just some things that must be endured, cannot be changed, and therefore should be allotted as little stress and strain as possible. Instead I want to channel my energies where they will do the most good, benefit me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am tired of burning up energy that just leaks out into the ether, draining me with no discernible benefit. I have spent too much of the last few years allowing my energy to leak out into the cosmos, leaving me depleted, weary, devoid, wan, a pale husk of myself.
    Now, I am allowing my energy to be focused inward, to feed off of itself, build strength like a nuclear reactor, a near endless source of power. Power for me. Power for my endeavors. Power for those I love. Power for my future. Things have been set in motion, things that are building momentum of their own. Momentum that will generate its own energies, energy that I can feed off of or tap into. I feel as if my life has become a perpetual motion machine, life rolling ahead, slowly gathering a full head of steam until I will be rocketing along at a helter-skelter pace, me hanging on tight, wind whipping my hair, wide grin plastered to my face. It may be just another rollercoaster ride, though an epic one, I am sure. Or, this could be the ride of a lifetime. I am strapping on my helmet, zipping into my leathers, pulling on gloves. No simple ride this, no seat belts, no cushy seat. I have a feeling that this is a Bonneville Salt Flats, balls to the wall, hang on for dear life, blast through the gears, bomb down the track, record setting ride.

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