Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eternal Optimist

    As much as many may chose to doubt this declaration, I am and have always been an Eternal Optimist. It is true, even as a child, and almost more so now. Even I marvel at my ability to maintain my optimism, especially after the long list of body-slams that The Fates have deemed to be my reward for managing to hang onto my glowing outlook. And these days, I am nearly dumbfounded at my resilience, as I am assaulted by the gloom and doom naysayers, pessimists, defeatists, emotional vampires, and down and out Eeyores that I am subjected to day in and day out in my workaday world. Is it any wonder that I have to flee reality for the sanctuary of my home? My sanctuary, where I can recharge my system, attempting to toughen my exterior while keeping my filling soft and delectable. It is no easy task, being confronted by pessimists who have reached their nadir, and avoiding their cloying tendrils of negatively charged bitterness. Everyone knows that negative and positive cancel each other out, and so the challenge is to have a higher level of positively charged energy motes at the beginning of the day so I can survive with a modicum of of my light intact. Some days it does not work. Some days, yesterday being one, the negativity wins. Some days I barely make it out alive, crawling into my home only to collapse in a weeping heap, overwhelmed, nearly beaten. At that point it takes every gram of inner fortitude to force myself to recharge, knowing if I do not, the drain will continue until I cannot recuperate. That is never an option. As I said, I am the Eternal Optimist, even at my lowest, I know I can pull myself out. Some days, that is a Herculean task. Some days it might not happen without the zany, loving antics of the two dogs who watch in worried fascination as I dissolve into quiet hysteria. They do not understand, it is a foreign concept to their canine minds, this ebb of energy. But they do not allow it to persist, insistent in their clownish adoration. I use every weapon in my arsenal to fight back against the dark souls that surround me, day in and day out. I do not allow them to win. And slowly, I am adding allies, a few select individuals, who understand, and understand me. When I am hard pressed, I do have allies I can call to my aid, who have my back. Yes, two of them are of the canine persuasion, but I do have human allies as well (as much as this may surprise some). And so I continue to fight the good fight. Maintaining my Optimism despite the odds, or because of them. I am the Eternal Optimist, after all.

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