Thursday, June 7, 2012

For Your Consideration....

    For your consideration: The Perfect Apple. In this instance, an organic Braeburn, the new crop from New Zealand. No, it is not perfect in appearance; lopsided, rather splotchy red and green, faint scabs, a small divot on one side. It has not been waxed and buffed to a high, eye-catching sheen, instead it has a matte finish. No, not a perfect apple by some standards. But, take a bite. Crisp, tartsweet, nectarlike, a hint of honey. Bite into the orb, feel a mouthful snap off with an audible crunch. Chew, feeling the juice trickle down your throat. The perfection is obvious to every sensory input, except perhaps, jaded eyes. But look at the white, dripping flesh and I dare you to not see perfection glistening there, tempting you to taste and taste again. At this moment, there is no doubt why the apple has been used to portray the Forbidden Fruit, that which must be tasted despite dire warnings. It is, in fact, almost a sin in and of itself, in its ability to cause several Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony and Greed. In my mind, as I greedily bite and nibble this ambrosia, the only thing that might possibly elevate this experience to the level of rapture, would be the addition of slices of Tillamook Cheddar so thin you can see sunlight glowing through with amber beauty. But, I am more than content with my Perfect Apple, carefully paring it down to a mere skeleton of a core as I try to glean every juicy fragment. None shall be wasted. For your consideration: The Perfect Apple.

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