Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It Is The Ride, Not The Destination

    I had a series of very strange dreams last night. In each one I was in a vehicle crash. The first one, I laid down my motorcycle on a curve when I hit a patch of ice. I could even feel the pavement abrading me, and remember thinking, "at least the ice is cutting down on the friction." The bike came to a rest on a patch of ground thickly padded with Ponderosa Pine needles, and both he and I were relatively unscathed. In the next dream, I was driving and approaching my exit, next thing I knew I had accelerated over the edge and ended up nose down in the ditch, with no real memory of how or why. I thought maybe I had fallen asleep at the wheel, or had a seizure. The cop wanted to do a sobriety test. In the third and final dream, I was driving along, minding my own business, and plowed into a sudden snowbank and was buried.
    I am not sure what Brain was doing last night, but is my subconscious trying to tell me something? In each scenario I was unhurt, mostly. Is Brain telling me I am an accident waiting to happen? That my current course is bound to crash? That there is no way to know exactly what lay around the next curve? Or merely that there is no way to know what the future truly holds?
    I am pondering all of the above, prying into the corners of my mind, wondering what, if any significance there is to my dreams. I am convinced Brain was trying to tell me something, or why the triple-header? One dream could be coincidence, two dreams still not too heavy, but three dreams of a similar nature has got to mean Something. But is it a real Something? Or merely a Something that goes bump in the night and sets the dogs to barking? I do not know. But I chose to take it as a portent, a lesson, a head's up, maybe even a wake up call. I do believe that the reality is that it is my subconscious reminding me that the future is always uncertain, but that does not mean I should be afraid to drive forward, even with my normal Look Before I Leap nature. And besides, I've always said, "It is the ride, not the destination." Keep the rubber on the road.


  1. Sometimes when life has been crazy for so long, a period of happiness or good experiences makes us uneasy. A "waiting for the other shoe to drop" kind of sensation.

    Sometimes people actually trigger craziness or fights just to end the inner turmoil/tension that "something bad MUST be about to happen" feeling creates.

    1. I admit, I know that feeling all too well, "waiting for the other shoe to drop." But I have decided that to hell with it, I want to enjoy the Now, enjoy every minute as fully as I can, without fearing that it will end badly. I want to eat it all in with both hands, delighting in the pleasures I find, not restricting my heart or happiness by dwelling on what "might" happen. Yes, I will likely get kicked in the teeth now and then, but wounds heal, and chicks dig scars.

    2. Maybe it's telling you to go back.

    3. ah, but to go back is to try and relive the Past, or to turn from the potential of a glorious Future. I would rather keep moving forward, and thrill to the unknown and unknowable, take chances, take a risk, be bold, be fearless.