Friday, June 22, 2012

Honor Your Body

    Once in a while I will hear a random phrase that will resonate with me, and my views on surviving and thriving. "Honor Your Body." Three words, simple, to the point, and Truth. I heard these words today, while searching through articles and videos to inspire and guide me on my next lunatic adventure in the rollercoaster ride I call my life. It is something I have held as a core belief, an understanding of my nature, a vow I have made to Brain, Spirit and Body, but I had never heard it put so succinctly. I love simple words for complex concepts. "Honor Your Body." It does sound so simple, natural, easy-peasy. But that is far from the reality. I have spent thousands of hours trying to always honor my body, even when, or especially when, all else seems to be crashing down around my ears, and when even Brain and Spirit are succumbing to the lies and torments of my Demons. Through the worst of days, the darkest of nights, the deepest abyss, I have tried to Honor My Body. Keeping Body fit and fueled at least gives me a safe sanctuary when chaos rages inside my skull and all around me. Body, healthy and happy, helps deflect assaults, minimize damages, and speeds recovery. Honoring my Body, maintaining a constant level of health and strength, power and passion, keeps me moving forward when all the forces of my world seem to want to drag me down, hold me back, beat me to the ground. Body saves me. Body protects me. Body shelters Brain and Spirit. Now, as I have put so much pain and agony behind me, I am able to put even more energy into Body. I love Body. The more I push, the more Body amazes me. Body is strong, supple, capable, powerful, active, reactive, responsive. Body holds the Fire that is me. Holds the Fire and fuels it into the maelstrom. Body thrives on challenge. Thrives, grows, metamorphs into glorious. I Honor my Body, in every way I can. And in return, Body holds me firmly together, prevents Spirit from leaking out into the Cosmos, saves Brain from explosion, defends all of us from demonic pummeling. And so I Honor Body by making it stronger, healthier, resilient, powerful. In the darkest of days, instead of demonic voices whispering, I will hear a strong, kind, impassioned voice reminding me with bell-like clarity, "Honor Your Body."  

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