Friday, June 1, 2012

Ode To Joy

    Joy is most often found in the simplest of things. Joy is not complicated, and should not be. It is the simple elation to be found at unexpected moments and often in unlikely places. I am most apt to find Joy in what may seem the mundane to most. An orange, simple, round, everyday, mundane, unspectacular. But in truth, it is a miracle sized to fit in the palm of my hand. Skin, dimpled, bright, with a sheen of health. Gift wrapped in a protective casing that delights the moment it is first punctured with a effusion of essential oils, bursting forth, visible in the sunlight as a delicate spray of sparks. The perfume tinting the air, teasing my nose. Already my mouth waters, eager, expectant. I lick my lips as I tear asunder the moist wrapping holding my precious gift. Then, freed of all constriction, confinement, the globe of glistening segments rests in my hand, awaiting my next move. I insert a careful finger, gently splaying open the luscious halves, it opens almost eagerly at my touch. Mouth watering, the delightful scent taunting me, it is more than I can stand and I throw all delicacy and caution out the window. Eagerly tearing off a plump, swollen section I bite, quickly, the juice explodes in my mouth, runs down my chin. I am lost in the rapture of taste, tart-sweet, dripping nectar. I cannot slow myself, I tear off section after section, stuffing them whole into my mouth, delighting in the overwhelming flavor, gluttonous. More. More. I cannot eat fast enough. I want to stuff my mouth full. Near to choking on greedy mouthfuls.  Juice drips down my chin, my hands are wet with it, I am lost in the rapture, the sensual, simple pleasure. And then, all too soon, it is gone. I almost regret my devouring speed. But am satiated, spent, delighted. This is the simplicity of Joy. Finding the bliss, exultation, delirium, delight, in the little things. Joy is simple. It is where you find it. Often unexpected. But we should always be aware of it when it presents itself. The simplicity of Joy. An Ode to Joy.

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