Monday, October 1, 2012


    Brain is firing on all cylinders, racing ahead, careening from one random thought to the next at mach speed, diving into curves and rocketing out the other side. Brain kicking into manic mode and poor, tired Body stumbling about in a vain attempt to keep pace. Poor, poor Body. Overworked and underpaid, sleep deprived, run through the mill, pounded to a pulp, bruised, sore and aching. And all in the name of Fun. Yes, Fun. Fun, the nimble Imp, elusive zephyr, rare butterfly, holy grail, the tiger in my tank. Brain feeds on fun like a kid eats cake; both hands, mouth full, icing smeared from ear to ear. A sugar coated rush of elation. Fun send Brain on a joy ride of endorphin and dopamine fueled Mania. Brain rides Body like an overeager jockey. Body pushes beyond sane limits in an attempt to experience all the fun Brain leads us into.
    Eventually, the adrenaline wears off, energy levels are incapable of keeping apace with the demands, Body reluctantly slows. Poor Body, used, abused, bruised, worn to a frazzle. Body, tired, clumsy, awkward as a teenage boy at his first school dance. Brain, smug and sharp. Body, struggling through the morning, muscles sore, joints complaining, fumbling to get coffee and Aleve into bloodstream in an ineffectual attempt to counter lack of sleep and so much play. Brain smirks, already planning new adventures to torment Body. Brain schemes, plots, twirls mustache with a dastardly chuckle. Body is too tired to notice the machinations of Brain. Too tired to notice, too tired to care. Stupefied Body barely notices as Manic Brain peruses the web for events to to test resolve, mettle, strength, endurance, stamina, fortitude and attitude. Body, footsore, weary, navigates the day on autopilot relying on routine and muscle memory to prevent injury or catastrophe. Brain giggles.
    The only option? Feed Body. Let Body heal, rest and recuperate. For a week at least. For a few days at the very least.For two days minimum. For today anyway. Maybe until this afternoon. Manic Brain rushes forward. Body presses against physical restraints to join the melee. Fun is as Fun does, as Brain well knows. And despite it all, despite the abuse, aches, bruises, Body loves Fun. Body craves the endorphins and dopamine every bit, if not more, than Brain. Body loves Fun.  Body will not be denied.    

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