Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When Worlds Collide?

     We work so hard to build up our own little microcosm, biosphere, safety zone, retreat from chaos, our own little world. My world is narrow, safe, quiet, shelters me from the outside, and helps stave off my demons. I have worked very hard to find a balance, a place of my own, a sanctuary. But what to do when Worlds Collide? Country Mouse versus City Mouse? When neurotic Introvert clashes with logical Extrovert? I am sure there are tomes aplenty, expounding on such a collision, making it all seem easy-peasy, sugar and spice, east meets west. But when Worlds Collide there is bound to be earth shaking, quaking, toppling, chaos, confusion, negative and positive ions, Cations and Anions trying to form an Ionic Bond. There is a chemical reaction. Explosive? Benign? Complimentary? Caustic? Too tough to tell. Protons and Electrons sharing space, creating their own energy, melding, blending. Fitting together as the two Elements of a formula, a molecular bond. The stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces between atoms when they share electrons, a Covalent Bond. This is the nature of when Worlds Collide, it can be either a destructive force, or a chance for evolution. Or both. But birthing pains on a cosmic level are never easy or without some fallout. Will I survive the collision? The fallout? Or will I be lucky to walk away with my skin intact? Evolution? Earth shaking. Quaking. Chaotic. New. Evolutionary. When Worlds Collide.

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