Friday, August 17, 2012

Lucid Moments

    Lucid moments, these days are not to be trivialized. They talk of Lucid Dreaming, when one is aware that it is a dream. Lately my reality takes on a dream-like state, with Lucid Reality kicking in now and then. I realized this on my ride to work this morning. Pelting along farm roads at a riotous speed, through twisting corners, feeling the shifts in air temperature, the changes in humidity, bugs clicking off of my helmet. It was surreal, dreamy, fluid, flowing, relaxing. It was miles down the road when I slipped back into lucid, temporal reality, with barely a recollection of the past moments. It had the feel of waking from a dream. I find this happens regularly. I move through my life, detached, yet connected. It is not that I am ignoring reality, or shirking responsibilities. It is as if Brain has decided to process data in a dream state, allowing thoughts to ramble, ripen and grow to fruition without rationale or reality interfering. Often dreams are Brain's way of sorting through events and information, coalescing into tangible or symbolic images to allow a deeper understanding. These days, I feel as if part of Brain has remained within the Lucid Dreaming state, sorting, processing, coping, understanding, all in a wandering, seemingly aimless manner. I am finding that on some levels this is allowing me a better grasp of my life, a better understanding of events, emotions, cause and effect. In other ways, I feel reality eludes me, hides just the other side of a shimmering veil, seen yet unseen, as tangible as smoke. To channel such Lucid Daydreams, that would be  ideal. But Brain resists such confinements, rebels against any form of control, denies access to rational thinking, and refuses to follow direction. If I could control the Lucid Daydream I could tap into the creativity and mold it to my wishes, but it remains fluid, ethereal, a zephyr. Thoughts slide through my fingers like warm sand, solid and yet formless, weighty yet blown by the wind. What is Lucidity? Reality? What defines the waking state? It is merely our perception that we are awake. But who is to judge? Maybe I have finally stirred from somnolence, finally achieved true wakefulness. Lucid moments? Lucid dreaming? Or Lucid Daydream? Wherever Brain has gone, this is my new reality, or unreality.

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