Wednesday, August 8, 2012


    Acceptance of Self and Others.We gladly accept the glorious, glamorous, gorgeous, flawless, fabulous. In ourselves and others. But acceptance of all the quirks, neurosis, foibles, flaws, insanities, imperfections, scars? To accept, unquestioning, unresistant, openly, happily. In ourselves and others. Accept the perfection of imperfection. See scars as tribute to a life lived. Insanities as the electricity in the wire. Quirks as the unexpected bite of pepper in the stew. Flaws as the openings to the heart. None can make it through life unmarked if they have lived a worthy life. None can bare their soul, open their heart, take risks, push boundaries, live, love, experience, and manage to come out the other side without an indelible mark A life well lived leaves traces behind, transfer evidence, that cannot hide from the light of day without crippling the soul and hindering joy. Yet we attempt to hide our flaws, ignore imperfections, medicate insanities, spackle over scars, dampen quirks. These elements that make us unique. Make us human. Accepting one's own imperfections is a hard row to hoe, but acceptance of self makes acceptance of others a simple task. Embrace the flaws, cherish the quirks, kiss the scars, revel in the insanity. See the perfection in imperfection. Accept.  


  1. Awe yes....those beautifully painful scars! Once you have moved past the pain, they really do become beautiful, as if they were a badge on your scouting uniform. I never did accumulate any badges on my sash as a scout, but I have learned to appreciate the badges that have been collected throughout my life thus far! Much more important than the boy/girl scout medals and badges!! Becoming (surrendering)(appreciating) (acknowledging) ones authentic self is the most valuable event of a lifetime! This is what is meant when we have all heard, "live your life to it's fullest!" not forget to allow others to do the same!

    1. Acceptance of others is the best reason for acceptance of self. To allow others to have their quirks, to see the beauty in the flaws, understand the pain behind the scars, to treat them gently, and accept and love them for exactly who they are.