Thursday, August 23, 2012

Epic New Chapter

    There is an undeniably epic quality to my life of late. Especially these last few days. Yes, getting to gear up in my firefighting turnouts and ride in a fire engine was a bit of a childhood fantasy come true, and there will be much more to come of that. Yes, I got to have a sweet respite from aloneness, that reminded me thoroughly that I am not alone in the world. Yes, my body is feeling great, I am stronger, sleeker and healthier than ever in my life.
    But truly, the moment when Epic broke through into my life was at 3:48am, Monday morning. The moment when I heard the first soft cry of my grandson. My first grandchild. The beautiful, perfect Bean. The glowing, beaming, glorious Bright Bean. The sight of my son, my baby, gently cradling his still damp son against his chest, eyes bright with tears of sheer joy, whispering over and over, "this is amazing, this is amazing..." It was a blinding moment of clarity, that moment when I see what a wonderful man my son has become. The moment that concreted my belief that the deep love I had for my sons would channel through to my grandson. There is a indescribable beauty in seeing the flow of love, caring, and bonding of family. To see all the love surrounding this one tiny little man, to understand just how lucky he is to be born into a stable, loving, devoted family. To know that my grandson will be loved without measure, without restriction. Full unconditional love. It fills my heart and soul to overflowing. All else fades to insignificance beneath the power of such love. I feel as if my entire life has been to witness this miracle. To know that the love that I feel for my own children will be carried on into the next generation. It is the part of me that I would most wish to be carried on, my love for my family. It is amazing. It is the beginning of an Epic New Chapter.

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