Saturday, August 18, 2012

To See

    To See and Understand. To see differences, and accept. To see beneath the skin, beneath the facade, beneath the mask that most wear to protect themselves from prying eyes and judgement. I see, and understand. I see and accept. I am not justifying, or rationalizing, I am aware of the Why, the How, and the Cause. I see these things with clarity. Call it psychology, call it analysis. I call it Empathy. To truly see and understand the soul behind the words, deeds, actions and reactions. I chose to not judge, to not seek to make a change, but to accept. Yes, it may mean adjusting my own way of acting and reacting, but this does not change Me. It is part of who I am to be able to mold my friendship around the friend. So often I decry that I cannot be who I am, all of me, with anyone. But there are times when I realize that this is who I am, one who can adapt and alter to fit the scenario, the relationship. I still do not know if this is what I should do, what I should be, but it truly is who I am. I see. I understand. I accept. I know you, and know what you need. It is who I am.

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