Monday, July 30, 2012

To Sleep, Intertwined

To rest, to sleep, intertwined like pieces of an abstract puzzle.
The peace of two calm bodies, connected and relaxed.
The power that flows between the contact of warm flesh, restorative, restful, reassuring.
This connection, filling the void, curing the ache of loneliness, over-riding the strange aloneness that has plagued me for what has seemed an eternity.
A connection deep and drowsy, familiar and calming, quieting my inner demons, sending them far afield, banished, near forgotten.
A sanctuary, needed, desired, beloved, craved.
To rest, to sleep intertwined a curative to my heart and soul, my spirit renewed.
Pieces of an abstract puzzle, to be found, fitted, connected.
Seeking the piece that not only appears to fit, but snaps into place completely.
Seeking the piece of my puzzle.

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