Monday, July 23, 2012

The Fair Bean

    It would seem that the stars are finally aligning for me and mine. So many dark hours of  struggle, failure, disappointment. But through it all there was perseverance, dedication to dreams and the warmth of hope and love. Yes, this is sounding a bit mushier than my normal ramblings, but there is a reason for that. The Reason? We call him The Bean. Who, or what is The Bean, you may well ask? That is the nickname of my soon to arrive, first grandchild. A name chosen as an alternative to the generic "the baby," "the fetus," or whatever you may want to call an active, rapidly growing, unborn child when you have yet to decide upon a name. Yes, a name has been selected, but I will not spoil the surprise or steal the thunder of the expectant parents. That would be rude. But I will say, the meaning of the chosen name is, "Fair." My grandson. My Fair Grandson. The continuation of love, hope and dreams. Upon the shoulders of this yet to appear, fair, wee lad is the distinction of being the first grandchild, first great-grandchild, and first great-great-grandchild. The excitement of his arrival buzzes about me like a low level electrical current that raises the hairs on my arms and leaves behind an exciting zest with just a whiff of ozone. The Bean, a cherished child yet to appear but already loved and surrounded by love. Tears sting my eyes, tears of absolute joy, when I dream of the moment I will first lay eyes upon his wrinkled, red, squinched up face. I know that I will behold the most beautiful creation ever placed upon this earth, with the exception of that precious moment of seeing my own sons for the first time. The renewal of life, hope bursting forth, epic change. I envy my son and daughter-in-law their bliss and joy, but I feel it too. My heart has been straining to near bursting with the pent up excitement, love, anticipation, joy. All negativity fades from my reality as I ponder the imminent arrival of The Bean. There have been many moments when I dance, shiver, and nearly squeal with delight that has to be released or I know my heart will erupt through my chest. I am counting days. Waiting The Call. Knowing that soon, very soon, The Bean will be among us sharing bliss and joy. Now, it is down to waiting. Waiting. Waiting for The Fair Bean.

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