Friday, April 13, 2012

This is Your Brain On Overdrive

    My brain is on overdrive. It is as if the darkness clogging my synapsis has finally cleared, a weight lifted, the light shining through my eyes igniting a fire as sunlight through a magnifying glass. Is it the emergence of the sun after a long, dreary, coldly wet winter? Or possibly a symbolic sun, beaming warming rays into a mind slumbering, hibernating, germinating. As a seed slowly warms, swells, then suddenly bursts to life, so is my mind. It is an uncontainable entity, driving ahead of its own accord. I can barely keep pace, I am running alongside, trying to get my foot on the running board, wanting to hitch myself to the wild ride I know is inevitable as the dawning of a new day. A smile touches my lips in anticipation, my heart quickens, a shiver ripples through my muscles. I am eager for the soaring elation, the giddy joy, the boundless energy. I feel it as a drug in my blood, pulsing, pounding, heating me through and through. It overwhelms me and I get up and dance, wildly yet secretly, knowing that at any moment someone could walk through the door. But I am as an exhibitionist, the possibility of detection adding additional thrill and sensuality to my dance. I am flowing with heat and energy, exhuberance and anticipation. I am vibratingly alive, ashiver with pleasure, trembling with anticipation. The world holds secrets for me to discover. My mind and spirit hold discoveries as well, just awaiting the proper enducement to flower forth in glorious color and heady fragrance.
    Is it Spring? Is it Mania? Is it too much coffee? Regardless of the cause, the result is worth every trembling, breathy moment. I do not know what lies ahead, honestly my future is shadowed to me though I look ahead for rays of light. But that does not matter. What matters is the here and now. None know what lies in their future. Tomorrow we could be dining at Odin's table. But today, today is glorious and full of promise. Today is mine, and I hold it in my trembling hand, caressing it, basking in its glory, cherishing today. The energy and delight that courses through me adds sweetness and savor to even the mundane. I see through eyes undimmed, seeing the beauty all around me, the brightness of today. The Sun, warming my soul, energizing my spirit, awakening my mind. By the gods, it is good to be alive. I love Life in Overdrive.   

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