Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brain, Shut Your Pie-Hole

    Once again, Mania and Body to the rescue. Brain goes into spastic arrhythmia, panicked, dysfunctional, cowering in corners, fleeing from life, threatening to go dark, when in steps Mania and my strong Body to protect delicate, fragile Brain. Brain is easily sent into self-flagellating circles, berating, accusing, introjectively focusing fears and failures. Brain is easily thrown out of control, spiraling into gloom. But Mania and Body are made of sterner stuff. They are proactive, defensive and violently protective. When Brain can't handle events, failures, rejection, then Mania and Body take over, take control, fight back.
     When the demons rile Brain with predawn poking and prodding, Body decides that enough is enough and drags Brain, who complains bitterly, from the dubious security of a warm bed and launches into as much physicality as time allows before work. Of course, that is never enough, especially after a brutal day when Brain is attacked on all fronts. Home, into the sanctuary, shielded from the chaos of the world, Brain tries to convince Body that rest, the oblivion of sleep, is the true course to peace. Body, encouraged by Mania, strongly disagrees. And so it begins. No namby-pamby, easy, casual workout. It will be long, arduous, painful, nausea inducing. It will take hours, literally, to bring Brain back online. Body and Mania join forces to push, drive, cajole, abuse, rebuke and praise. Body forges ahead, dripping sweat, trembling, aching, while Mania continues to supply the needed force and energy to maintain the pace. Hours, literally, hours. Body continues to push. When Brain starts to whine and complain, Mania threatens to duct tape Brain's pie-hole, Brain shuts up. Finally, 3 hour workout complete, knowing muscles will be complaining loudly on the morrow, Body thinks Brain has had enough. Mania disagrees.
    Without consulting the other two, Mania starts the music. Fast and loud. The music cajoles Body to more movement. The dancing has begun. Body and Mania always revel in the delight of the fluid, sensual movements, the feel of rippling muscles beneath caressing hands. Hips propelled by lithe waist, arms lead by strong shoulders. Hands moving over hips, waist, curve of the back, feeling the interplay of sensuality, sexuality and strength. Movements calculated for fitness, and optimal sexuality. It is the perfect coalescing of power, stamina, sweat, joy, excitement, pleasure. The music soothes Brain, the sweat placates Mania, the sensuality fires up Body. The dancing continues, music pulsing. loud but not overbearing, lyrics encouraging Brain, "Hey, you know they're all the same. You know you're doing better on your own, so don't buy in. Live right now, be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else." It reminds Brain, in a sophomoric manner, that Brain, Body and Mania are who we are, who we will always be. We are an alliance, the sum of the whole greater than the parts. We are who we are, a united front, a force to be reckoned with. And we truly are awesome, amazing, strong. Though now, we are also tired, sweaty, stiff and sore.

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