Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Body

    I love my body. Not because of how it looks, but because of what it does for me. My body is strong, powerful, graceful. My body protects my spirit. When I am at my most fragile, emotional and brittle, my body steps in and encases my delicate nature within muscle, sinew and bone. When my spirit is cowering within, my mind shrinking from the world, my emotions running amok, my body courses with the pent up energies of the emotional conflict. The energies build, pounding through my veins, lending vigor and stamina to my lean muscles. And so my body takes over, my body is in control. When all else is raging out of control, my body takes charge. And so I stride for miles, faster, harder, faster, harder. My lungs fill, pulling oxygen deep into the pinkness, invigorating my blood until it flows rich and red. My heart pounds with a slow, forceful pulse, feeding muscles with my rich blood. I can almost feel the blood carrying away stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, and flushing them out through exhaled breath. I stride for miles, faster, harder, faster, harder. I feel the weight of the day fall from me with passing miles.
    So many days it is not enough to merely sweat and breath, while pounding down the miles. And so to weights. I lift and strain, groan, moan, my face contorts with effort. I lift until my breath is ragged and my limbs are trembling. I am bathed in sweat, exhausted to the point of nausea, stress and tension bleed from me, falling to the floor with the droplets of sweat that run in rivulets down my face. Trembling, sweating, pulse pounding in my ears, feeling the strength of my body. Reveling in my power, knowing my body can protect my delicate spirit.
    And then there are the days when the miles and weights are still not enough. Days when anxiety and doubt, sadness, loneliness, assail me without relief. Those are the days when, exhausted and trembling, I begin to dance. The music louder, faster. My body forgets the exhaustion and is empowered by the music, strength gained through the need to continue the fight against the demons that seem to plague me even during daylight hours, on days like this. I dance, sweat, let the music and motion finalize the cure. Finally, my heart sings, my spirit lifts, I shed doubt and pain as if they were leaves scattering before my dancing feet. I love my Body, it is Strong, Powerful. My Body saves me when nothing else in the world can. My delicate nature is well protected by my lovely form built solidly of muscle, sinew and bone. I love My Body.

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