Thursday, April 19, 2012


    Humans are not solitary creatures by nature. Even those of us that are introverts and disinclined to seek out companionship, preferring a level of solitude and independence. It is human nature to seek out others to share life with. I know I am not an easy friend, I am too solitary, forcing myself to be independent and self-reliant. But even I know the value of the kindred spirit. Once in a great while you stumble upon another being that seems to fit easily into life, someone who fits you with an ease and comfort that can never be manufactured or falsified, a true kinship. There is a physical, intellectual and emotional connection that is like a final piece of a puzzle, snapping into place and completing the picture.These people are rare gems in a world of stone. I know I am lucky that I have family that are kindred spirits, as well as a few cherished friends; fledgling new, lifelong and true, and those yet to be.
    When a kindred spirit is floundered upon, it is an inner struggle for me to not want to grasp them, cling to them like a life preserver found in the jetsam of a sinking ship. A buoy to keep me afloat in icy, lashing waves. But I must force myself to relax my panicked death grip, allow them breathing room, not come across as desperate and alone in the vast, cold sea of humanity. The rarity of a true kinship makes it more valuable than any earthly possession, and so cannot be passed by, ignored, or let to just slip away. Such a rare find makes my heart ache with a longing so penetrating and vibrant I become nearly disfunctional. I fear the slightest wrong move will whisk this treasure beyond my reach, and it will be lost to me forever. I recognize my need for these few, rare beings, and am happy to enjoy even brief moments of their light in my life. A kinship, a brother, a sister, a son or daughter, whether by blood or fate, miracle or accident, should never be allowed to slip away, to pass us by, to be denied or ignored. Such a rarity should be cherished, even in miniscule amounts, cherished, treasured, recognized for the miracle it is. The miracle that two beings can find a level of mutual understanding that transcends words and worlds. Such kinships should not be lightly dismissed, or allowed to lay fallow, they should be gently nurtured, respected, cradled in cupped hands and held gently to the heart.   

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