Thursday, February 14, 2013

Princess And The Pea Syndrome

    I have what I refer to as "Princess and The Pea Syndrome." I know there is a more scientific name for it, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is. It means that I am hypersensitive to touch and pressure. Little things like a wrinkle in my sock, clothing tags, a rough seam, a collar that presses wrong at the nape of my neck, can cause me a ridiculous amount of grief. Most days it is just an annoying quirk. Other days, like today, it is painful and distracting. Today even the pressure of my clothing hurts. Unfortunately, peeling off all my clothes and working buck nekkid is not an option. Besides, it is a bit too cold for that. I love the heat of summer because it allows me to go about minimally clad, at least in the privacy of my own property. Today though, I ache from fingernails to toenails, and everything in between. It really seems to settle in my arms, from the elbows on down. I can't rest my arms on my desk or chair, the dull ache radiates out from any pressure point and feels as if it is drilling straight into my marrow. It is an interesting affliction that is not alleviated by anything I have found. When it is going full bore I find myself analyzing the discomfort, wondering at times if it is real or imagined. I examine recent behavior, eating, exercises, looking for a trigger. But I never really find anything. This is the main reason I try to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, eliminating most of the known triggers of inflammation. I don't know if it works, but at least it makes me feel like I am doing something.
    Chronic pain is a world all its own. I know mine is mild in comparison to many. Even at its worst, mine is manageable, tolerable. But it makes me moody, a little short tempered, easily upset. I get frustrated with Body for what seems a betrayal. Body knows how hard I am trying to reach higher levels of physical fitness, and days like today feel like a dramatic set-back. All I know to do is ignore it and soldier on, push myself beyond the pain, suck it up. It is all I know to do. That, and stop feeling like a whiny little bitch for even mentioning any of this. Pain? What pain? I am fine. Really.

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