Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tower of Babel

   Brain slips gears so easily, and suddenly my mind is like the Tower of Babel, with dozens of voices expressing their individual ideas, each in a different language that none of the others can understand. The chaos is deafening. And confusing. Trying to sort through the noise is nigh on impossible. Often all I can do is try to drown out the voices with louder, more impressive noise. But since my day does require a certain amount of functionality and interaction, sitting in a warm room blasting The Ramones at mass decibels is not really an option. Instead I have to try and cherrypick ideas, weed out the teasel, separate the chaff, sift out the weevils. It is difficult at best, and always exhausting. I want to let Body take control, to run, swim, lift weights until physical exhaustion sets in. When Body is pushing the limits, working towards trembling fatigue, then Brain can slip into the relaxing task of counting repetitions, steps, strides, strokes. Counting calms the Babel chaos. Numbers are a universal language that all the voices understand. Counting equals calm. Counting brings quiet. Music also helps quell the incessant noise. Music, the beat, the lyrics, all give Brain a focal point, a distraction, an alternative to listening to the voices all trying to incomprehensibly out-talk each other. So I do have methods, remedies, weapons against Babel, but they are not available to me during my working day, so I have to soldier on, do my best to pull out needed information, calm the masses, quiet the chaos, interpret the voices. It is not easy, my Babel, but I endeavor to do my best.

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