Sunday, December 16, 2012


    We are the Guardians of our world, those of us who feel any compassion, attempt to understand, cry, weep, challenge the gods. At times it feels as if there are far too few Guardians, and far too many opposing troops laying siege to our bastions of hope. The truth is, there are not all that many invaders, but there are far too many apathetic onlookers. Life has become a series of battles, hard fought, not easily won, and overcrowded with bystanders. As we struggle, mired in the trenches, needing reinforcements, supplies, weapons, we turn to those who watch with jaded eyes, blank stares, averted glances. We turn to them for help and succor but they merely turn away, pretending not to see, acting as if all is well, life is grand, peace reigns supreme. The onlookers chose to remain neutral. There are times, when the battle is at its height, when the carnage seems too much to bear, that some of these bystanders have the scales fall from their eyes and they truly see the reality, and then chose to take up arms, throw their shoulder against the wheel, and begin to soldier on with the battle weary forces. Why should it take an act of extremes to force action? Is it not better to be proactive, instead of reactive? An ounce of prevention versus a pound of cure? There are those in the world who have girded themselves for battle with the forces of Satan, and feel let down that Revelations has not given them the chance for glory in the final battle of Good versus Evil. To them I  say, and have actually said, are you sure the forces of Evil haven't already infiltrated the world around you? Better to have small, simple struggles than an all out, end of the world, final battle where humanity's survival hangs by a thread. Better to meet the enemy, understand their motives, and bring them over to the side of Good. I believe in Salvation, not in a biblical sense, but in a compassionate sense. There have been enough stories of violent offenders who were won over to the side of Light by the power of Love, Compassion, and Understanding. It is not so hard a concept to find the source of the anger and violence and find the key to transformation. Not a difficult concept, but the reality is far from simple. But the Idealist in me, the naive, gullible simpleton that resides in my soul, believes in this transformation. I can't help but believe, despite the odds against it. I can't believe that there are so many people out there who are beyond redemption, this includes, especially, the apathetic bystanders. Can we have become so far removed from love, concern, and compassion as to doom   humanity? This I find impossible to believe, despite the evidence that thrusts itself into my face far too often. I won't believe that we have sunk so far into apathy, detachment, and passivity to allow our world to crumble into the savage wilds that we crawled up from in our dark past. We are Guardians, every single one of us, Guardians of our world, our future, our children, and our children's world. We are the Guardians, and we cannot fail in this. We are Guardians, every single one of us.

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