Friday, December 28, 2012

Apathy Apocalypse?

    Apathy breeds apathy. It is a perpetual motion machine that feeds upon itself, and drains energy from its surroundings. It grows exponentially. Expands at a slow yet alarming rate. It is the Eater of Souls, the Destructor, the Planet Killer. Apathy. One would think that by its nature, being apathetic, that it would be self-defeating, inert, inconsequential, confined within its own shell. Sadly, this is not the case. Apathy is a slow, steady killer of all that is good, and an active participant in all that is evil. The very act of not acting has dire consequences. And apathy can spread like a virulent plague, effecting all it touches. Apathy may very well be the Apocalypse we have all been predicting.
    Apathy, dire as it may be, is not hard to combat, if you have the fortitude, strength, stamina, optimism. It can be deflected, and in some cases cured. The effects of apathy can be fully flushed from the system with a little work. I am confronted daily by apathy in some of its purest, darkest, vitriolic strains, and there are days when I feel the beginnings of an infection. I can feel it, like the scratchy throat that signals an oncoming flu. But I have a medikit full of preventatives and remedies, as well as an ironclad immune system. The best vaccine against apathy is action. Do something. Anything. Anything but sit by as the world passes, complaining bitterly about the world passing you by. Anything but see where you can make a difference, and chose to turn a blind eye. The best preventative is to work towards bettering yourself, even if it is an inch at a time. The best cure is to move, make changes happen, look to the future, tend to the present, learn from the past.
    Do not let apathy get a toehold in your soul. It cannot be allowed to happen. Fight against apathy with every fiber of your being. If we can beat back apathy there is no telling how far we can go, what wondrous things will happen, what glorious truths we will learn about ourselves and our world. Don't just turn away from apathy, step up and eliminate it, fight it, behead it, banish it. Begin with yourself. Be not only the vaccine but the cure. Apathy cannot hold true in the face of optimism, action, momentum, change. Do not let Apathy be the Apocalypse.

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