Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Self Improvement

    Earlier today, as on many days past, I was walking in the rain and thinking of how hard I have worked towards self-improvement. Not just physical improvement, but mental, financial, spiritual, emotional. I have worked to build my self-esteem and self-worth. I have struggled to move forward in all aspects of my life, every single one. And I have succeeded. As I was walking, in the rain, I was thinking not just of myself, but of others that have trod similar paths, some just a few steps behind me, some just beginning the journey. It is a sign of strength, determination, and sometimes sheer cussedness, to be able to walk through fire and emerge cleansed and more powerful. When life has crumbled, imploded, roiled in a shitstorm of stress and chaos, that is when true strength emerges. It is a matter of necessity, you either rise to the occasion or get trampled beneath the stampede. So many are willing to be tossed about by the shitstorm, blame life, cry that it is not their fault, make excuses, hide in their shallow cave, refuse to fight back, refuse to grow, refuse to accept the challenge. And then there are the warriors, those who will fight back. Those who see the shitstorm as an opportunity for growth and change, a test of their mettle, a battle worth fighting. These are the people who will become stronger, sharper, flexible and yet unbending. These are the swords being tempered by white hot fire, pounded between hammer and anvil, the proverbial rock and hard place. Fire, Hammer, and Anvil leave their marks, marks recognized by those who wear similar scars.  Swords; sleek, slender, strong, honed, bright, beautiful, deadly if need be, a weapon against the forces of the dark. This are companions I know, kindred spirits that recognize me as I recognize them. We each tread a path, a difficult traverse, an arduous climb, that builds endurance, stamina, speed, strength, makes us dynamic and near to invincible. We chose how we act and react in the face of adversity, of major life implosions, it is our choice to either cry at the unfairness, or to fight to move forward and improve. Our choice: Defeat, or Self Improvement. I choose Improvement.

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