Wednesday, September 5, 2012


    Once again, standing on the threshold, the cusp of new and exciting. So many pathways are laying before me. At times I feel near to panic with the overwhelming immensity of it all. The wild and glorious potential of my life. The stars are aligning. Karma is smiling on me. Pieces of the Puzzle of Me are slipping into place. Even as I feel solitary and alone, I also feel a sense of community, acceptance, love, friendship, new Kith and Kin.
    Even when alone I do not feel lonely, except for in the dark of the night, when I would reach out for warmth, knowing my warmth is thousands of miles away. But that is okay. The warmth will return, the connection is not broken by miles. For now, thoughts and dreams, brief messages, knowing, fills the void. Another corresponding piece of the Puzzle of Me.
    Brain, Body and Spirit begin to feel aligned. At least for today. For the Now. And that is where my Mind's Eye focuses, the Here and Now. True, Brain is scattered, spacey, languorous in thought, sleepy in execution, meandering in a luxurious mental landscape. But Body and Spirit are strong and aimed arrow-straight at goals, adventures, dreams. My Dreams, held before me as a guiding chalice, a Grail, the treasure beneath the sand. My Dreams coming to fruition, nearly ready to be plucked. It is amazing where I can travel within my Dreams, my Reality, my Life. It has all become one: DreamRealityLife.
    At times, I feel that part of my Isolationism comes from Dreams becoming Reality, and my unshakeable belief that it can and will happen. I have been ridiculed and shamed in the past, for Dreams. Made to think that they were less than fantasy, less viable than opium induced pipe-dreams. Made to feel an outcast, scorned for being a Dreamer. But I am a Dreamer. The Dreams were Mine, and I held onto them with a child-like belief, the innocence of wishing on a star, the Dream whispered to the favorite stuffed animal, written in scrawling hand on scraps of paper. I believed. I still believe. My Dreams. My Reality. My Life.

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