Thursday, September 6, 2012

Changeling Eyes

    When I feel the outcast, the alien, isolated and alone, I need to remind myself that I am merely seeing the world through different eyes. But there are days when I feel I wake with different eyes. As if during the night Eye Gnomes have slipped into my room, pried open my lids and replaced the current, accustomed orbs with Changeling Eyes. I feel the difference even in my sleep, with violent visions, perspicacious perceptions, sagacious scenarios. Upon awakening, even the light feels wrong, colors are twisted, depth perception is skewed. Like wearing new bifocals, I stumble through days adjusting to the new vision, trying to ignore the throb of Brain strain, pretending to the world around me that all is well. Inside my skull, Brain is scrambling at double time in an attempt to return my world to a comprehensive amalgam. Days will pass when so much around me does not make sense. Only routine keeps me moving ahead, as I can decipher what was once my "normal" reality, force it to make sense. They say that one need only be able to understand on in five words of a paragraph in order to comprehend the gist, that is my world as I struggle to regain focus through altered eyes, Changeling Eyes.
    I cannot despise the Eye Gnomes and their malicious pranks, for it does give me ample opportunity to fill my mind with visions unseen by others. To remind me that the world is always in a state of flux, fluid, motile, emotive, evolving, revolving. We are passengers with ever changing scenery. I watch the world through Changeling Eyes flash past the window of my train, colors altered, landscape skewed, green sky, blue waters, verdant grass. Overtinted, old photograph with lurid tones changing innocent face to harlequin. It has an amusement all its own. A circus parade only I can see. It is entertaining, when not distressing. I chose to find the amusement, overlook the trauma, as best I can. These Changeling Eyes, they are mine. These Changeling eyes are my view into an unknown and unknowing new landscape.

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