Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shout Out

    I am having that lonely feeling of shouting out to the universe and hearing only the soughing of the wind. Not even crickets chirping from hidden crevices, or dogs barking in the distance. I am trying to make my voice heard, but feeling as if all my words, whether breathlessly whispered or shouted with all my strength, are falling on ears of stone. I feel I am living on the knife's edge of anticipation, waiting for the universe to react and respond. I have fooled myself into believing that if I just rephrase the question, alter the wording, crank the volume, that eventually the message will manage to cross the void and the universe will eventually answer. That if I can up the amplitude of emotion, reveal my angst, bare my soul, that it will eventually hit the proper chord and unlock the truth. I know this is erroneous thinking, but I cannot help myself. In my desperation to be heard and understood I am trying every imaginable ploy, every media, every outlet. Nothing is working. It is making me feel that all my efforts are in vain, and will bear nothing but bitter fruit, self-harvested.
    But I will continue to send my message out into the ether, in the hopes that, at the very least, it will be detected by an alien life form empathetic to the cause. At the very least, I know I have found my voice. I know that what I am saying is worth hearing, my message is valid, my reasoning is sound, even if my method of delivery is ill-timed and/or misdirected. So I will continue my onslaught, and not let myself be deterred by the cold void of space, I know there is at least one warm body out there that will hear me, feel my energy, appreciate my efforts, and eventually return the message across the airless vacuum of the night sky.

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