Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Humpty-Dumpty Me

    As I fluctuate wildly between the world of reality, fanatasy and insanity, I am getting a wide view of the world I inhabit. It is a unique perspective, peering over the wall between the worlds. Often times it is an uncomfortable, uneasy and unbalanced perspective as I fall from my perch and crack myself wide open like Humpty-Dumpty then peer in at the soft gooey center, poking at the abumen with a stick, stirring it around, scrambling, frying, then trying to put myself back together again. The cracks are still showing, with maybe just a little viscous fluid leaking out. I try to hide the cracks and seepage from those who love me, but they see. How can they not? They are worried, hovering, waiting to see if I will stay whole, go sunnyside-up, or attempt a flip and break the yolk. If the yolk breaks, the best I can hope for is for a scramble. A mixed up mash of me that won't resemble anything that I am now, but will still have the basic ingredients of me. I am hoping that the cracks will mend, the seepage will stop, and I will manage to remain unscrambled, whole and still able to balance on the top of the wall.

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