Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nasty Little Bastards

    Strange and unexpected visit from my resident Demons yesterday. They were being pesky for most of the day but not so much that they could not be shunted to the back of Brain. There they sat through the day, grumbling, and oddly, hammered down on me while I was swimming. Odd because when I am working out I am relatively protected from the scourge of resident demons. Not last night. It was as if the peace and quiet of having my head submerged in the cooling water was an open invite to allow the pestilence of Imps to hitch a ride on my shoulders as I swam lap after lap. Riding my shoulders, whispering in my ear, sibilant, nasty little bastards. Another oddity; although the demons were persistent and refused to be silenced by any practical, positive thoughts, they did not manage to get their dark, cold talons into my spirit. They did not generate depression or tears, it was more a sense of annoyance that they had the audacity to rise up and bother me in the one arena that I am usually safe.
    They did quiet down some once I was home. I was so busy with my one free evening of the week that I was blasting through chores, baking, and feeding the menagerie in a whirl of mindless activity. It wasn't until I collapsed, exhausted, into bed that the demons returned with renewed vigor. I needed sleep so badly but the mutterings and hissing would deny me that privilege for nearly an hour. I know that exhaustion often allows the cracks in my armor to widen just enough that the demons can slip in and wreak their havoc on poor, tired Brain. I know I should get more sleep, especially at this time of year, but that is nigh on impossible with my current schedule. As I dash from one activity to the next, cram in studying and chores whenever and wherever possible, manage to wedge in hard workouts, and attempt to keep my goals in sight, I keep reminding myself that it is only for about seven more weeks. Seven weeks that stretch like an eternity before me. Just seven more weeks and maybe I can get a little rest. Rest, or more likely I will find more than enough to fill my time, as usual.

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