Thursday, March 14, 2013

Light and Fluffy Scrambled Brain

    Brain is really struggling to keep up these days. It has gotten to the point that Brain is making bad decisions, and allowing stupid shit to happen. Normally, Brain is the voice of reason, the voice of logic, the one who keeps the rest of us in line. Lately though, not so much. Today it has regressed to the point that Brain is in a constant conversation with itself, "Don't do anything stupid. Pay attention. Don't get us killed." Brain has been distracted to the point that we have taken the wrong exit off of the freeway, then was so distracted by being so distracted that we nearly rear-ended a guy who was slowing down to turn. We could blame fatigue and overload, but really, there are no excuses. We have got to get back on track mentally and physically. This is not a game, this is not a vacation. This is reality, and life at full speed ahead. Yes, we are getting tired, worn out, a bit broken, but the end is in sight. Well, at least the finish line for the current major event. There will be other finish lines, other events, more life to be lived than most people might ever dream about. But poor Brain is feeling limp, scrambled, fluffed full of air, a pale shade of its former self. Even Body is feeling behind the eightball, and not being quite as protective of Brain as usual. We all blame it on the time change, the whole, "Spring forward," bullshit. But the reality is that we are just feeling worn out. There is no easy remedy for what ails us, just the knowledge that we have to keep working hard, pushing towards the finish line. I consider this excellent training for my upcoming Half-Ironman; pushing through the pain, the mental fog, the exhaustion. Pushing even harder once the finish line is close, knowing that I will leave it all on the track this time. I will cross the finish line knowing I gave it everything I had, and then some. Then, only then, will I take a break, rest up a bit, power down a feast fit for a victor. Until then poor, poor Brain will have to struggle on, scrambled or not, and help get us through to the other side.

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