Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Body Does

    The time change has thrown another rock into cogs already grinding against too much built up debris. Brain is really struggling against Seasonal Affected Disorder and fatigue, Spirit is not far behind. Body, on the other hand is telling the others to just suck it up and keep moving. But even Body is feeling the drain of  being overworked and short-shrifted in the sleep department. All Body knows is that we have to keep at it, keep pushing, work harder, ignoring strained muscles, bruises, and inflamed joints that wake us in the middle of the night with their throbbing complaints. Brain is stumbling around like a drunkard in the dark, stubbing proverbial toes into proverbial chair legs. Spirit is taking a less active role in the dishevelment, instead Spirit is draped over the proverbial chair in an enervated daze, with a glazed-over, thousand yard stare. Body is insistent that we keep moving, keep training, keep pushing, striving, working towards dreams. It has become a tug-of-war, with Body, fortunately, managing to keep the upper hand.
    This time of year is always the roughest for us. The mental, emotional and physical strains are as irresistible and inevitable as the tides. This year is no different, with Body dragging the whole crew through the morass by the nape of the neck, indifferent to objections and cries for mercy. Body should be entitled to some downtime, but knows that this is not the time. If Body were to take a break, rest, collapse, then the whole structure would crumble like a shanty built on sand below the high tide mark. Body knows better. Body will keep dragging our sorry asses along until we reach the light of Spring, and then, finally, Body might get a break. Or not. Body is disinclined to admit to needing a vacation. Instead Body is likely to take it as permission to ramp up the training, push even harder. Once Brain and Spirit are back onboard and holding their own, then Body can finally assault life at full throttle. For now though, Body will keep dragging us along, ignoring the whining, head down, shouldering the load for all of us. That is what Body does.  

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