Friday, March 8, 2013

Spark of Vitality

    I know I should not allow myself to be affected by the negativity that I sometimes find myself surrounded by, but there are days when I feel far less resilient than I should be. Far less resilient than I know I am. I would say that if I have a super-power it would be the ability to Bounce Back. No, not like Elastic Man. More like Wolverine, on a spiritual level. I can take devastating damage to my psyche, emotions, spirit, then heal with superhuman speed. Okay, actually the healing is often superficial, the deep cuts taking longer to heal, but at least I am not laying on the floor, bleeding out my psyche in a gory mass. At least my shell heals quickly to protect me from most hits that  are thrown at me, protects me from strikes that could be fatal if they were to reach vital areas. I maintain my Vitality, hold fast to my Psyche, defend my Spirit. This is my true super-power: Vitality. Some days I have to remind myself of my Superhuman abilities, days like today, when I do not feel resilient. When even the lightest touch feels like a stiletto to the kidney, when the slightest word seems loud and offensive. Days like today I want to retreat to my Fortress of Solitude, climb into a sensory deprivation tank full of Alien Queen Jelly and let the healing commence in a sightless, soundless cocoon. It is not easy being a superhuman, much is expected, and failure is not an option. I know the spark of vitality is burning within my chest, it will never be extinguished. But today I must shelter my Spark, for now at least. I know it will rekindle when it is ready. Until then I will shelter the spark. My Spark of Vitality.

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