Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sometimes Optimism Works, Sometimes It Is A Pain In The Ass

I am the eternal optimist. Even in my deepest depressions there is a part of me that knows it will get better. The downside of this is that it puts me in the position of being the chronic cheerleader/therapist. I am the one that always looks for the silver lining, the one who tries to convince my fellows that even though all looks gloomy, pointless and despairing, that there is a positive to be found. It is a pain in the ass. It is exhausting being the one voice of reason and optimism when all those around me are bemoaning their condition, and acting like deer in the headlights.
I won't let our economic situation turn me into another naysaying piece of roadkill. But damn, I wish I got paid for my therapist work, or at least had the body of a cheerleader.

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