Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Goals....

Never one to sit on my ass and wait for death, I've been formulating/reformulating The Plan. Yes, in capital letters: The Plan. Often, I find that when despair and dejection seem to have a firm hold on my psyche all I need to do to loosen the painful grip, is to come up with a legitimate Plan. This gives me a new path, or repaves an old one. Gives me a course of action. Lets me act instead of react. And these are definitely times that call for action more than reaction. I want to call the shots, not be the one ducking the shots.
As I pull myself up by the proverbial bootstraps, dust the gravel from my ass and bandage any new road-rash, I peer up a newly paved path. Yes, it is repaved. It isn't a new path, but one I have been trying to traverse, and have been sliding off into the ditch over and over. Okay, maybe not a full-blown, smooth as glass, repaving. But at least I am going to try and fill in the potholes and sweep away loose gravel.
The Plan, as I see it, still revolves around finishing the novella. I am fully cognizant of the fact that I most likely will not make much, if any, money off of this venture. But it has become a point of pride. I will finish the damned thing and see it in print and on eBook before another winter locks me in it's frigid, suffocating grasp. So, to this end I will write something every day, even if it is just changing a few salient words. I will work every day.
The next phase of The Plan invloves continuing to blog. A writer's blog. More random ramblings, but maybe a little more PC and "for public eyes". This may involve deleting some of my posts here (now done), so be it.
There is also the need to create a webpage. It will have a link to my blog, or possibly a blog section of its own. It will have excerpts from current and upcoming works. It will have a bio. And I think it could very well be home to: "The Madcap Adventures of Geezer and Bean," an offshoot from the current novella. Why this particular piece of fiction? Because I think the characters have the most potential for further misadventure.
So: Write, Blog, Webpage.
Oh yeah, and PUBLISH. Gotta publish.
My writing and my health are all that I feel I have some control over right now, so that is where I will focus my energies. It makes more sense to spend energy where it will be useful, instead of wasting energy on the dead-end aspects of my life that I have no control over and which only pile on the stress.
The Plan. I can do it. Myself. Solo. I have myself, I need no one else.

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