Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wrong Side Of The Tracks

    This has been on my mind a bit lately, and brought sharply home recently. Bi-polar, punk rock, earth mother, biker chick does not mix well with the white collar world. I had thought it was only my demons talking, they have been rather vocal of late, but it seems to be a truth that cannot be denied. Maybe it was my demons whispering in my ear, a warning, prescient, yet cruel. Maybe we cannot escape how we were brought up, who we became through a life of hard knocks. There is no such thing as the goose girl who can become a princess. A goose girl is a goose girl. Maybe it is best. The goose girl would always be more comfortable in the company of geese, than within the walls of a palace. This knowledge does not dull the cutting edges of the cruelty of reality, I still bleed when cut so deep. This knowledge does not make me want to accept the fact that maybe my lot in life is to be poor and lonely, admired for being hard working and driven, because at the end of the day I still sleep alone.


  1. So many times I've wanted to post here, and have a couple of times. Life doesn't do what we expect it to....choices either wrong or right still affect everyone involved and close doors sometimes that never should have shut. Life moves on and we have the learning of it. If I were one of your gods you would ave all you wished for, you are far more deserving than most.

    1. Thank you. I wish you had the ear of the gods, although I think having all that I wished for might make life a bit too easy. Am I a glutton for punishment? No. But I do not mind, and even enjoy, the rewards of hard work. What I have I know I earned with blood, sweat and tears. But it is a lonesome struggle.