Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Unstoppable Versus Immovable

    Unstoppable Force versus Immovable Object. Impetus versus Inertia. Train Insane versus Remain the Same. We are responsible for forward movement. Our journey is in our hands, we choose our adventures and exploits. Or choose to remain static, stunted, stagnant. I choose to be The Unstoppable Force. I want to charge through life scooping up experience with both hands. I want to tastetouchsmell my world in all its juicy glory. I will leap before I look, dive into the deep end, chase the tiger, race the moon, adventure, explore, pursue, quest. I don't want to wade in slowly, merely feeling the water with my toes, I want it swirling all around me, tossing, tumbling, churning, frothy, as I pierce though with Selkie euphoria. I will run down a chosen path, dodging rocks, with the risk of injury, crash, cataclysmic failure adding the frisson of danger. Risk adds flavor, spice, zest, zing. Without risk there is no reward. I choose to be the Unstoppable Force, propelling myself through life, unstoppable, never slowing, striding into the unknown head up.

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