Friday, January 18, 2013


    In the joyous journey that is now my life, I appreciate my fellow travelers, partner in crime, teammates, family, support staff. Even a solitary journey is not as solitary as it would seem. During my darkest of days, when I knew that I was the only one who could make the journey into the abyss and back, I still had support staff close at hand in case of cataclysmic failure. Happily, that failure did not happen, and so support staff were not called in with ambulance and fire extinguishers. Now that I am on solid footing, traipsing after new adventures, exploits and experiences, I have found I have amassed a handful of compatriots to share the journey. At the station I have found a new brotherhood that fills a void, brothers and sisters at arms, a family forged of fire and heart, loyal, true, courageous. In life I have a partner in crime, accomplice, confidant, co-conspirator, ally, shipmate, guide, partner, that has opened a panorama of dreams to be realized, adventures to be had, exploits to write home to Mom about. My family has grown exponentially over the last few months, until I have a larger, lovely brood of children to spoil with love. Add to this my array of friends both nearby and long distance that are my cheering section, support staff, pit crew, kindred spirits. For an Introverted Isolationist I seem to have been drawn out of my shell, or broken free of it and left the nest.
    My life is not perfect. There are changes to be made, new paths to hack through the underbrush, mountains to climb, clinging husks of negativity to be cast off as I pursue a new career path. Changes, challenges, remodeling, revamping, a change of course yet to be laid. But I am charting my path, with the help of all my fellow travelers, who support me, love me, care for me. I am excited for change, eager for the challenges ahead, thrilled at all that has happened and all that has yet to happen. I do love my life.

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