Thursday, November 1, 2012


    Where do I go from here? The options seem wide open, and yet I am limited by reality. I pursue childhood dreams with reckless abandon, excitement an ambrosia filling me to overflowing. I lead with my heart, throttle wide open, the risk of crashing a delightful innervation. Brain is roiling with ideas. Body surging with energy to burn. Life is propelling me forward. Delirious. Enticing. Alluring. But reality is flagging behind. I am pursuing dreams, but my reality has yet to catch up. My day to day life is still a struggle, a battle against dark forces that try to drag me down with the mundane, the banal, the tedious. I want to cast aside the frustrating realities that hold me down. Cast them aside so I can fly. I stand, feet on the ground, eyes to the sky, the dream of flight as fresh, firm, pungent  juicy and raw as a sun warmed tomato. I can see/taste/touch/smell the freedom of flight as a tangible force. I want to bite into life and let the juices dribble down my chin. I know I can fly if I can lose the fetters of reality. I need to break loose of the shackles of tedium. I need to find a release from the mundane workaday world that drains me of time, energy and creativity. Life has so much to offer. I see the potential, I see my potential, as a living entity striving to grow and flourish. I watch with enraptured eyes the pulsing, verdant growth. I will nurture it, protect it, cherish it as I wait for it to reach fruition. Until then, I shall keep looking upwards, feeling the wind, flexing my wings, waiting for the shackles to fall away. I am ready, eager, for the freedom to fly. I am ready for flight.

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