Friday, February 21, 2014


    Processing. Processing. I don't know why I am ever surprised when things don't go according to plans. "Battle plans never survive first contact." Ain't that the truth. Even when, or maybe especially when, my plan is to keep it simple, uncomplicated, no strings. Instead, things become complicated, complex, and definitely entangled. For once I decide to keep emotions out of it all, avoiding the serious, seeking play, plain and simple. It doesn't work out. Am I falling for self-induced reverse psychology? Now, here I sit, sipping rosemary tea, grumping at the dogs while I try to figure out what just happened. Funny, at any other time I would have been elated at this turn of events, instead I am stuck here almost fuming that things are going so well. This is not what I expected, and with my vivid imagination, I can have astonishing expectations. Now, all I can do is process. Digest. Gestate. Ferment. See what happens next. I did not want complications.

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