Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Imagine, I Become

    What we Think, we Create.

    What we Feel, we Attract.

    What we Imagine, we Become.

    For several weeks I have been mulling over a diatribe on choosing to be happy. A rant against those who allow themselves to be bitter, resentful, complaining, joyless, miserable. I had started and stalled several times. I realized why words faltered, there is no sense in railing against those who seem to choose miserable and morose over joyful and jovial. To throw bitter words into the morass does no good, helps no one, improves nothing.
    Instead, "What we Think, We Create. What we Feel, we Attract. What we Imagine, we Become." These words came up today, and were so very perfect. I believe this with all my heart to be truth in its purest form. We mold our emotional lives out of the tenuous filaments of our own imaginings. Strand by gossamer strand, slowly creating the fabric of life. We choose who we become. It goes far beyond Nature or Nurture. We can choose to unshackle ourselves from our past and step boldly into whatever future we desire.
    I choose to not allow my life to be defined by my past. Yes, it has shaped me into the person I am today, and for that, I am grateful for every minute. Instead, I am trying to live in the moment, in the now. To appreciate the magic of every day life, as well as the magic of each new experience, each grand adventure. I am experiencing the joy of my day to day existence, and reveling in the wonders that present themselves. I am living in the moment, but also looking ahead, choosing paths that will lead me into continued contentment. More frequently I find myself moving through the day in a state of peaceful bliss. Yes, I backslide, have moments of doubt, fears, insecurities. My demons do stir on occasion, whispering in my ear, attempting to bring me down from this near perpetual high. But I choose to ignore them, just as I choose to find my bliss.
    I also choose to not allow my happiness to be defined by others. Yes, there are those in my life that bring me absolute joy. Family, new friends and old, that are cherished, loved, and contribute mightily to a life of bliss. These are the people I choose to have in my life. But my happiness is not dependent on any one person. My happiness is my own. I accept full responsibility for it.
    What I Think, I Create. I think long and hard about my happiness, joy, bliss, and peace. And I have created a life that is near to overflowing with all that is sweet and right.
    What I Feel, I Attract. I feel love, acceptance, understanding, compassion, passion, exuberance, glee, wonderment, excitement, peace, bliss. And by the threefold rule, what I send out into the Universe comes back to me threefold, this is manifesting daily.
    What I Imagine, I Become. Or as I have said for over 30 years, "You are what you pretend to be..." I imagined that I am loved, independent, successful in the ways that truly matter, healthy beyond reason, athletic, confident, a free spirit, an unstoppable force, the whirlwind. And just look where that has taken me. Where will it take me from here? I can only imagine.

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