Friday, August 7, 2015

Write. Edit. Write.

    This year I have been so focused on life, projects, training, family, that my writing has fallen a bit off the track. I know I need to be writing consistently, even if it is just a few brief words. I had a college writing professor that said, "If you only write three words, that gives you something to edit." He was a firm believer in editing, paring down, removing extraneous words. He also said that there was always one perfect word to use as a descriptive. He frowned on using words like "very."  "He is not "very sad," he is distraught." Amazing how 35 years later I can still remember these things. But he was an integral factor in how my writing style has grown. I still edit and pare down my writing. I think I would never be able to write a very lengthy novel simply because I do not like long, flowery descriptions, or overly detailed bits of trivia. I like to write simply, and to the point, and then edit it even further. I have decided to try to write, if not daily, at least far more frequently than I have been this last year or so. And not just jotting down my physical training and nutrition escapades in my training blog. I need to get back to the deep, probing writing that I do best when I am having a mental meltdown. I need to learn to be as capable of soul searching, and vivisection of my psyche when I am feeling hale and hearty. So, let the experimentation begin. More writing. More probing. Less lunacy. Okay, I won't go overboard, I kinda want to keep the lunacy.

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