Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Media Vacation

    The news has gone through another spate of horror these last few months. Okay, since the beginning of the new year. Our country seems to be falling into chaos and violence, even more so than usual. The Us versus Them mentality is reaching an all time high, with groups of all kinds breaking into opposing factions. I even see this among my friends on social media. It weighs down my heart in a way that is physically painful. It is possible that I am just feeling hyper-sensitive, allowing it all to build up to the point that my spirit says, "No More!"
    I have been a news junkie most of my adult life. I like to know what is happening around me, and around the globe. I read global new, financial reports, politics. I tend to avoid sports and Hollywood gossip. My first real news blackout came after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. It broke my heart. I cried for hours. Let me say here, I am not inclined to cry over news, but that was too horrifying for me to assimilate. I cut myself off from the news for over a year. Oh, it has a way of trickling in, but I kept my head down and my guard up. The problem is, I have a need to know. A need to know just how rapidly the world is spiraling into decay. I am not sure why I want to punish my psyche, but it is like the proverbial train wreck. I just can't seem to look away.
    But a few days ago I decided to take a break. A mini-vacation from social media. So much in-fighting seems to be going on between friends and acquaintances. The angry debates over gun control, police actions, abortion, religion, politics, and bridge hangers, and culminating with a poached lion. The killing of the lion seems to have sparked a wildfire that has spread uncontrolled. I even fell into it with posts trying to drag people into seeing a wider picture of grief and man's inhumanity to man. That is when I knew I needed to just back away. I make it a personal policy to promote love and peace, not hate and violence. I have since deleted my posts. It is not that I fear offending people, or of expressing my views, but I feel that by posting inflammatory messages we are feeding right into the hands of those controlling the masses. If we are so busy fighting among ourselves over the rights and wrongs of hunting, or basic rights, then our attention is turned away from the major issues that are wreaking havoc on our planet, our home. The only place we have to live is being destroyed right under our noses and yet we mock the few people who try to rally the hue and cry against mega-corporations who are plundering the planet with no regard for the damage they are leaving behind.
    As you can tell, even taking a break from news and social media, I cannot turn off my fear. I wish there was a way to channel the energies spent on arguing and finger-pointing and aim them towards the groups behind the curtain. The few powerful entities pulling strings behind the scenes. But that is a pipe dream. I wish I had the power and pull to begin a revolution. A peaceful revolution based on love; love of Gaia our Earth Mother, love of each other, love of all living things, and mostly love of self. If we can shine a light into the dark corners, then the darkness can't remain.
    Instead, I will turn myself away from the barrage of negativity. I will focus on the loving, peaceful aspects of my life. Maybe I can find a way to let that energy flow out and away from myself, and it will help shine some light into dark corners. If nothing else, limiting my time on the internet has given me much more time for living.

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