Friday, March 2, 2012

Bag of Tricks

    Does anyone remember Felix the Cat? I grew up with him. He had a wonderful bag of tricks. "Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks." I too, have a bag of tricks. It is not anywhere near as cool as the plaid one carried by Felix, and does not have quite the array of strange items to be pulled from it's depths. Mine is more pragmatic. My bag of tricks is my vast arsenal weapons to protect my fragile sanity. It is what I delve into when I know the going is getting rough. I have a slew of little tricks that hold together my tattered and patched psyche when I feel the edges starting to bulge, and the seems being pressured to the breaking point.
    I have dipped into it frequently over the last weeks, at times amazing myself at its seemingly endless supply. Today, I have already had to select a few of my more reliable tricks. And I know it is just the beginning. It really is a wonderful bag, when I feel my edges start to crack I can grab it and dip my hand in, randomly pulling out an effective means of letting off the pressure and spackling over those first fine lines of fracture. I do wonder if I am ever going to reach in and come up empty. I have come very close on a few occasions, and had to resort to emergency rations. Then I will have a day or two, when all is right with the world, and the bag remains sealed. It is during these easy, rational days when the contents seem to multiply, reproduce, restock themselves, because inevitably that day or two of calm will dissipate and I will be unzipping my bag, reaching inside and hoping that what is pulled from the musty interior will be effective in damming up whatever leak has sprung in the happy dam. Today is one of those days. I reach in and grab, bring the trick to light, apply it appropriately and relax until the next wave of pressure. Knowing myself, I have a few days ahead to be delving deep into the tricks, I just hope my Bag of Trick does not fail me. It hasn't yet.

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