Sunday, December 6, 2015


    My energies have felt very aligned and balanced today. It may be from having spent the evening with a like minded soul. We talked so much of parallel visions of the perfect lifestyle: off-grid, cabin on the edge of the woods, a lake for swimming, the forest for playing. That there is another soul in the world with a similar childlike delight in rope swings, treehouses, blanket forts, and jumping in puddles. There are not many of us, the world is always trying to shush us, force us to conform. So we hide away, become hermits, living in our own worlds away from the jaded, hostile world. He and I have been dancing around the mutual attraction, brief conversations, the pleasure of a growing connection. Yesterday we finally managed to slip away from our busy lives and find an alternate universe where the rest of the world faded away to silence. I know he doesn't have much conversation with people away from his work, and his words spilled out and tripped over each other as his thoughts flowed unabated and uncensored. Talking into the wee hours I was struck with the humor of hearing this man talk with the unabashed exuberance, enthusiasm, and randomness of child. It was a relief to be able to spill out my own, similar thoughts without worrying that I will hear, "Relax," "grow up," "get real."  Add to that having physical contact, a warm touch that has been lacking in my life for a while, and it made for the perfect combination of release, and re-energizing. Today has been a great day for quiet thoughts, reflection, relaxation, and dreams wandering without borders. I needed this, more than I realized. It is a good day.

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