Tuesday, December 8, 2015


    Here I am, stepping into the 21st century and finally writing on my very own laptop. I can't say I am a huge fan yet, it feels weird, awkward, an somehow insubstantial. Yes, I will get used to the flat keyboard, and the delicate little keys. I adapt to the mouse, and learn its subtleties. I will grow accustomed to sitting with a laptop actually in my lap. For the moment though I am feeling a bit of a curmudgeon and a ludite.
    I finally broke down and got myself a laptop for the express purpose of having a portable means to write. For years I have vowed "this will be the year I will get published." I am tired of promising myself, and falling through on that promise. Yes, I write here, and on a few other blogs in a regular basis. So, in that sense I am published. Yes, I had a slew of short stories published with an online biker magazine, years back. So, I am published. Just not how I want to be published.
    Building The Fort this last year, as a refuge, fortress of solitude, my own private space, made me eager to turn it into a sacred space for creating. The real reason I bought a laptop was so I could sit out in my beautiful Fort, with its colors, light, and vibe, and write without distraction. I haven't quite finished the Fort though, it has final touches to be done. Yes, this is an excuse for not being out there right now. Instead I am in my dining area, playing with the laptop, getting my fingers accustomed to the feel of the newer technology.
    I do wish I was in the Fort right now. There is a storm blowing around the house that is loud enough that even inside my snug, bunker-like home I can hear the winds howling. I can only imagine how fierce, personal, and immediate it would feel out in the Fort. For now, I will just satisfy myself with a few minutes with the laptop, getting to know one another.
    Being always inclined to anthropomorphise inanimate objects, I will need to find a name for this new tool, this new addition to my household. Maybe Harold. It feels ike a Harold. Give it time, the proper name will come. 

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