Friday, November 1, 2013

Brain Unchained

    Brain Unchained. A writer's imagination is both blessing and curse. It is a curse in that I have all too often been able to imagine the progression of events from beginning through to an inevitable, and tragic conclusion. I have yet to discern if this is prescience, logic, imagination, or if I am merely living up to my own expectations. On the flip side of this, I have a rich life going on inside Brain. Thoughts ricochet around inside my skull like hyperactive four year olds penned into a small room and cranked up on sugar and caffeine. Some days my thoughts are organized into lucid essays. Some days they are random, scattered, scrambled, chaotic, beautiful, and highly entertaining. Other days Brain is haunted and taunted by demons whispering disparagement, discouragement, deprecation. The demon days let Brain rampage about the delicate terrain of my psyche, crushing, smashing, damaging my fragile ego with unfounded fears. Even on the demon inhabited days Brain wants to compile thoughts into tidy essays, assessments, analysis. On the demon days my imagination is the curse, but my writer's mind is the blessing as I dissect, analyze, study, flay Brain wide open, and turn scrambled dissonance into comprehensible composition. This has saved me many a day. Brain runs gibbering in circles, caught in the hamster wheel craze of fear, doubt, anxiety, and panic, when the writer steps in and forces those slavering thoughts into logical order. Amazing how the cause and cure for Brain Unchained are truly one and the same.

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