Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Rains Will Come

    I dread the coming of winter, and yet I am yearning for a few days of rain. Rainy days when I can spend time with an autumn house cleaning and clearing out of the detritus of living a life of chaos. Lately I have been saying, "From here on, every sunny day is a gift. The rains could start tomorrow and not stop until July." For those who have never lived in this neck of the Pacific Northwest, you may think that this is an exaggeration. It is not. Although the last few winters have been drier and warmer than most (Yes, I believe in climate change, climate shift, and harsher climes acoming) , I can remember many winters when the sun barely made an appearance. In my college days I kept track on a calendar; 44 consecutive days of rain, and few dry breaks that particular winter. And my Grandpa always said, "Don't cut your hay until after the 4th of July," because he knew damned well that the rainy season would often last through June. So I know it could happen. The rains will come, and they may well stay. Yes, we really need a colder, wet winter for snow pack, and to fill our lakes and reservoirs. The farmers need rain, the forests are dry as tinder boxes, we still have wildfires that won't subside until the rains come. We need a long, wet winter, as much as I hate to voice that particular concept, and the potential for melancholy that it will bring.
    For now though, the dry, sunny days really are a gift. Each day gives me another block of time to salvage materials for future projects, or continue weatherizing my little homestead, or finish up The Fort. Other projects on tap can be done once the rains begin. The ground is dry and hard as concrete so I need some rain to finish digging out for the stone patio, sidewalk to and stonework around The Fort. I need the ground to soften up so I can dig the trench to run power and water to The Fort. Building my brick, wood-fired oven can be done in cooler weather, and mortar will cure better in the damp. But, I really want enough dry weather to finished getting the greenhouse up so I have some dry storage for my salvaged building materials.
    Speaking of my greenhouse, today, as much as I would love to stay home, read, nap, and bake, I get to salvage some windows, glass, metal roofing, and hopefully some pressure treated material. I also will get more concrete block and fire brick for the outdoor oven.  And, hopefully, the last bit of material to build the porch onto The Fort. I will also get a fabulous clawfoot bathtub, that will be installed in my bathroom when I finally get to do my bathroom remodel.
    Ohdeargods, The List just keeps growing! But despite the fatigue that borders on burnout I have a ridiculous enthusiasm for the projects that keep popping into my head. As long as the weather holds I will keep charging ahead, working hard until I crawl inside for dinner and sleep. Today I get to gather more materials for my homestead, the home I love, my sanctuary. The rains will come, and when they do I will rest a bit, but only a bit. For now, there are epic things to be done. The fun just keeps coming.

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