Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Manifesto

    If you hadn't noticed, I am a punk-rock hippie chick. I am a tree hugging, animal loving vegetarian. Peace and Love, No H8. Zen. Calm. Chill. Mindful living. At least I am trying. I have vowed to myself to promote what I love, instead of bashing what I hate. Life is too short for anger, hate, petty grievances, whining, sniveling, blame games, violence. Life is too glorious for unhealthy choices, thoughts, attitudes.
    The older I get the more I value peace and love. The older I get, the younger I feel. The younger I feel the less time I want to spend doing things that drag me down, leave me drained. As I shed myself of the negative things that leave me drained, my energy wells up, spills over, an endless tide.
    At any moment in any day there is the option to hit the Reset Button.
    People talk of "Baggage." It is the eternal excuse. I have decided to stop carrying Baggage. I choose to think of past mistakes, trauma, abuse, misuse, betrayal as endurance training. Obstacle course training. It is CrossFit for the psyche. The harder the training, the better the end results. So I carry no baggage. I own my past. I accept full responsibility, and credit, for the health and fitness level of my psyche, spirit, and heart. My body, my training, the endurance event that is life. I am ahead of the pack, and stretching my lead.

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